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Born in July 1978, Duncan has lived in Malvern for the majority of his life, finding endless inspiration with the natural countryside beauty.
From learning the piano at the late age of 10, achieving grade 8 distinction five years later and grade 8 pass on the viola, Duncan's life in constantly music orientated.
Duncan's love of composition was recognised during his GCSE years, and evolved at A level and undergraduate level. Even before this time, he would mess around on the piano and scribble notes down.
Since graduating from the Birmingham Conservatoire, Duncan recently wrote music for a short film, with future film projects in the not so distant future. Determined to succeed, his talents range from film music, music for conventional instruments, electronic music and commercial songs.
Duncan's style of writing is varied. Essentially there is a romantic feel to his music (especially in the early years) combined with a 21st century approach. Presently emphasising many of his works on atmosphere and emotion, listeners can hear something new, but at the same time, understand a language that is greatly recognised and loved.
Forever passionate about music, Duncan is available to compose for any medium/ensemble at what is the start of his compositional career.