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September 3rd, 2001
3 months earlier than predicted, my latest album, "taking a step back" was completed in a week whilst off work with a bad case of flu. Despite not being on top form, it has turned out better than expected!
It is a CD which will soothe away the pressures of work or home life. To take time out and to ponder what has gone on in the past and what could happen in the future.
All of the music is instrumental (thank God,  I can hear your say - no
singing) and is guaranteed to appeal to people of all ages and cultural preferences All being well, it will be included on my site @:, in the next month or two, with a few samples to listen to, but here is one for starters....just click the front cover below... and  no, they are  not  my relatives!
Buy and enjoy!
P.S. Due to various comments and practicalities, I have reverted back to RealMedia Files again.
August 27, 2001
Finally, the sun has started to shine and the heat has been turned up, and I choose to stay inside and redesign this site! As you can see, completely different and will include a few more extras in time!
Everything has a  new look, with some  new additions and alterations. The Images page  is quite pointless  really. It will be updated every couple of months with general stuff, such as my local, friends, reminders of the night before, etc, etc. Most importantly of all, is the separate Audio page (just in case you skip a few pages), which includes every sample that is on this site. But be warned, all samples are now in mp3 format, which meant that this site tool 2 hours longer to upload than usual. The things I do!
Once this heat has died down, I will be putting some ideas down that are floating around in my head for a New album. In between work and the gym, it could be ready for the season to be jolly!
Within the next month or two, there may also be a project or two to work on - more on that when and if it happens.
Thanks for visiting! Feel free to come back - always welcome and bring your friends next time!